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Lookbook: RAMPART® Wall Protection WG Design Studio

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RAMPART® Wall Protection
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RAMPART® Wall Protection

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RAMPART® Wall Protection

RAMPART Wall Protection

RAMPART impact resistant wall solutions offer well designed options for medium- to high-traffic areas at significant cost savings compared to high-density wall panels. When tested by ASTM methods on standard drywall, RAMPART provides the same high performance for Surface Abrasion, Surface Indentation, and Hard Body Impact as the leading rigid sheet goods.

RAMPART has an easy-to-clean surface that is impervious to bacteria and fungus. Diluted bleach and several EPA-registered products for use against COVID-19 can be used for cleaning and disinfecting. Along with a stain-and abrasion-resistant topcoat and dense woven backing, the abuse-resistant material received a Class A fire rating for Surface Burning characteristics, consistent with the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. RAMPART is low emitting, in compliance with Cal 01350. Packaged in 52" width rolls, the flexible material is easy to install and can be railroaded for wainscot applications.

Lookbook rampart flexible wall protection

RAMPART Design and Construction

RAMPART patterns are inspired by architectural materials and woven textiles. Wood, metal, and masonry looks speak to RAMPART's strength and integration in the performance of heavily trafficked interiors. Textile designs that reference silk, rustic weaves, and linen help soften the look of wall surfaces while protecting them for the long term. In addition to our standard collection, custom digital designs can also be printed using RAMPART as a substrate.

The Collection

Ens 5586

19 Colorways

Krn 5611

12 Colorways

Blg 5632

10 Colorways

For 5055

10 Colorways

Abs 5659

12 Colorways

Dug 5465

10 Colorways

Ash 5070

24 Colorways

Sft 5016

19 Colorways

Gai 5103

30 Colorways

Reh 5515

18 Colorways

Qnt 5542

13 Colorways

Fdn 5413

17 Colorways

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